Welcome to CRUHSD Academy, the non-traditional high school in the Colorado River Schools and Colorado River Union High School District.  As we expand our programs and role in the community, we'll be expanding and updating this website with additional information, contacts, programs and success stories.

CRUHSD Academy is located at 1820 Lakeside Drive in Bullhead City.  We have changed locations to the old site of Coyote Canyon Elementary School.  You can look at the Google map below for a more detailed explanation.  Coyote Canyon Educational Annex is now the home for five programs within both School Districts.  The old Coyote Canyon Phone number will take you to the Main office of Special Services Department serving both Districts.  CRUHSD Academy phone number has stayed the same and will take you directly to the registrar's office of CRUHSD Academy.  

Thanks for checking in while our homepage and the website are under construction.  Check back soon for new information!


Troy Heaton
Coyote Canyon Educational Annex

1820 Lakeside Dr

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